Tom & Linda Woodard ~ AKA: Parson Tom/Stinkweed & Lit'l Bit
#88 Main Street
Oatman, Arizona
Phone: 928-234-0344


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Oldest Gunfighter Group
In Oatman, Arizona!

Ghost Rider Gunfighters donate to:

The Oatman Chamber of Commerce
Oatman Public Restrooms
Families in need.

And one of our favorites
The Ghost Rider Gunfighters Oatman Kids Christmas Party!

Ghost Rider Gunfighters performing Wild West Shootouts in Oatman, Arizona! Right in the Middle of the Street on Historic Route 66. Squaring off daily at 1:30 and 3:30 pm with some downright funny Old Wild West Comedy!

3:30 pm show may not be performed during summer months
because of heat and amount of tourists.


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Call the Ghost Rider Gunfighters for...bushu_001.jpg


* Special Show Shootouts *
Have the Ghost Riders put on a Special Show for your Group!

* Tour Bus Hold Ups *
Have the Ghost Riders Hold Up your Tour Bus (Stage Coach we like to call 'em)
We stop your bus with a shot gun blast and board your bus and then the fun begins!
Also special show put on after bus passengers are unloaded lots of comedy fun and laughs!

* Shot Gun Weddings *
Real Shot Gun Weddings, let us join in on your most special day!
See Parson Tom's Web Site for more information! Or CLICK HERE for our new Shot Gun Wedding page!



* School Field Trips *tl_001.jpg

        The Oatman Ghost Rider Gunfighters along with Prospector Bob, Jackie, Billy Bob Bob is part of all the fun for the school children on their school field trip. An experience they should remember for a long time to come.

        They will hear information about the town of Oatman, Arizona, gold mining, rocks of the area and of course all about our wild burros that roam the streets.
        They will hear speakers like Jackie Rowland of Fast Fannyís on how Oatman was named. About Olive Oatman, who the town is named after, and her family and information about the area and the Mohave Indian Tribe.

        Upon arrival of the school field trip the Oatman Ghost Rider Gunfighters will start out with a lot of wild west comedybillybob_001.jpg then get a little more serious with a talk about gun safety and interacting with the children. And then ending with a good ol Wild West Shoot out and again is full of comedy!

        Then we usually break the group into smaller groups and Billy Bob Bob will entertain with some fun and great music along with his wagon and lead his group through town and give a little information about the town along the way.

        Another group is taken by Prospector Bob and Jackie and there they will tell all about panning for gold and letting them pan for gold as well. Lots of fun and laughs, Prospector Bob can be very entertaining, and very informative and educational for children to learn about the old mining days.

        Then the other group is taken by Sheriff Litíl Bit (Linda) and Stinkweed (Tom) to the Making Memories Old Time Photo Shop to dress up their group and teachers for a wild west photo. Each child will receive a copy of the photo and one for the whole class to have. Then each group will trade places so all will experience the whole thing.

        If needed we can supply some tables, chairs and an area for a picnic in a nice shady spot to enjoy a snack or lunch for everybody. It is a great time for the school kids for a field trip and it is definitely a great time for us!

Contact Linda at 928-234-0344 or 928-768-8063

To set up your School Field Trip!


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Tom & Linda Woodard
Oatman, Arizona on Historic Route 66
Phone: 928-234-0344


Updated March 7th, 2014

Ghost Rider Gunfighters ô  Wild West Shootouts in Oatman, Arizona on Historic Route 66!
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